[DVDs] The Sound of the Dragon Musical Qigong Exercise DVD (English)


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The Sound of the Dragon Qigong Exercise DVD by Master Shen Wu

This DVD Includes the music tutorial content for Master Shen Wu’s many Musical Qigong Exercise in English:

    • The Dragon Restoring Qi Exercises
    • The Phoenix and the Rising Sun Exercises
    • Converging Energy Exercises
    • The Receptive Soul Exercises
    • The Sleeping Wiseman Exercises
    • Guan-Yin Aided Natural Adjustment Exercises
    • Qigong Exercises for the Liver
    • Qigong Exercises for the Heart
    • Qigong Exercises for the Spleen
    • Qigong Exercises for the Lungs
    • Qigong Exercises for the Kidneys
    • Qigong Exercises for Expelling the Bad Qi

Qigong is referred to as a joyful practice. Master Shen Wu hopes everyone could achieve “Joy of Life” through the practice of Qigong exercises that could help relieve the stress, fatigue, pain, detox the body and enhance the immune system.

About the Author


Master Shen Wu is the founder of Chinese Music Therapy and Musical Qigong, a modern combination of self healing art from ancient China. He is an adjunct assistant Professor of State University of Hawaii at School of Alternative Medicine, Chief Supervisor & Professor of Musical Therapy Programs at Open University Malaysia Institute of Professional development, Director of the Transformation Health Education Institute among other accomplishments. Master Wu is part of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. His Rhythm of Life music album that is available on ITunes is actually ranked #1 on REVERBNATION in 2014. He is a firm believer of “Music before Medicine,” suggesting people to use music therapy first before attempting other medical treatment.
He is the author of Music Before Medicine: Shen Wu’s Chinese Therapeutic Music- A Modern Combination of Self Healing Art from Ancient China, Sound of Dragon, Musical Qigong: Ancient Chinese Healing Art from a Modern Master, 121 Answers to Common Qigong Questions, the audio series Life Music for Healing and Musical Qigong Therapeutic Collections, the music album Rhythm of Life and many other books, CDs and DVDs.
Master Shen Wu is an advanced Qigong practitioner who devotes his life to teaching Qigong and using Musical Qigong to help his students and patients regain their vital life energies. He is honored as a “World Famous Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor” by the International Association of Integrated Medicine and as a “World Qigong Master” by International Association of Qigong. Since the mid 1990s, Master Wu has been using Musical Qigong to successfully treat patients, especially those terminal patients who suffer from various kinds of cancer and other diseases.

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